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Want to Make the Perfect Online Dating Profile? Here’s How

Want to Make the Perfect Online Dating Profile? Here’s How

Trying to create the perfect online dating profile can feel a lot like balancing on a tightrope over an open fire. While you don’t want to come across as arrogant or insincere, you also don’t want to get burned by giving off vibes of desperation or negativity. Fortunately, designing a killer dating profile — one that shows the world who you are and what you’re looking for in a partner — is easier than you might think. Check out these simple tips to help your dating profile stand out from the crowd.

Choose the right photos

When it comes to catching the eye of a potential partner, few things matter as much as the photos you choose to share with the people who visit your profile. A perfect online dating profile is one that helps you make a solid first impression. With this in mind, it’s important to select photos that will portray an accurate depiction of who you are. You may think a picture of you in a bathing suit or having fun with a group of friends at a bar will make you look attractive to other singles, but a different approach may be more effective. Keep these tips in mind when choosing pictures to share on your profile:

  • Smile! This will let people know that you are friendly and approachable.
  • Include yourself doing hobbies or activities you enjoy, such as playing the guitar or cooking. These can be great conversation starters.
  • Keep the focus on you by avoiding group shots. You don’t want someone to have to sift through tons of pictures to know what you look like.

Be honest

Trying to make certain aspects of your life seem better than they really are by exaggerating or lying altogether is never a good idea. After all, if the person you’re trying to impress sticks around, they’re bound to find out the truth eventually, and then what? Instead, always strive to be yourself and prioritize honesty. This includes if you’re looking for a casual encounter, a long-term relationship, or aren’t really sure. It’s best not to waste your time on someone who doesn’t appreciate the real you or doesn’t share similar goals when another person will.

Avoid negativity

No one wants to date a “Negative Nancy.”  With this in mind, it’s best to keep your profile as positive as possible. Instead of writing at length about all the qualities you aren’t looking for in a person or hobbies you don’t enjoy doing, emphasize the characteristics you’d like your partner to have and what pastimes bring you joy. By keeping things happy and positive, you’ll be sure to attract others who have the traits you’re looking for.

Keep it short

There’s no need to write out your entire life story on your dating profile, even if it’s a good one. All of the details that make your life interesting are things that will hopefully be shared later over the phone or on a date. Rather than laying it all out there for the world to see before you have an initial conversation, keep the personal information on your dating profile brief. Along with some pictures, consider adding the place you live, your hometown, what you do for a living, and a hobby or two. Then leave it at that. There’s plenty of time to share the rest later.

Ask a friend for help

Sometimes an objective perspective is all you need to put your best foot forward. If you’re having trouble designing a profile that is an accurate representation of your personality and charm, ask someone who knows you well to look over it for you. Doing so can ensure that you don’t get trapped inside your own head and share too much, too little, or inaccurate information about yourself. Even better, they may be able to add a thing or two that you didn’t think of that will help your dating profile stand out from the pack.

Steer clear of clichés

It’s much more effective to write something unique and interesting on your profile than a line that everyone uses, such as “I like long romantic walks on the beach.” Even if that’s true, it’s expected and frankly a little boring. You don’t want potential dates to consider you unoriginal or dull before they even meet you, do you? Of course not! So don’t be afraid to use your creativity to write a personalized summary of what you’re all about.

Update it frequently

After you’ve made your perfect online dating profile, do your best to keep it up to date. Even if the information on your page is still relevant, adding to and tweaking the facts about yourself will ensure that the people who visit your profile know what you’re focused on at the moment. Perhaps you recently took up a new hobby or changed career paths. These things may seem insignificant to you, but could be a great conversation starter with a potential new beau.

Proofread your profile

Grammatical errors can be a major turnoff to some people. Simple writing mistakes tell people that you’re either uneducated, don’t know any better, or that you don’t care enough to fix them. It’s fine to write the same way you speak on your profile (this isn’t an English test, after all), but words should at least be spelled correctly and flow naturally. To make sure that what you write looks and sounds good, read it out loud to yourself before you make it public. Better still, put it through a free editor (such as Grammarly.com) or have a friend look over it for you to make sure what you say is clear and correct.

Have fun

At the end of the day, dating should be fun! Don’t take yourself too seriously or stress over making the perfect online dating profile. By choosing photos and information that paints a picture of who you are, asking a friend for feedback, and keeping the information you share current, you can devote your energy to meeting new people and enjoying the dating process. With these helpful tips, chances are you won’t be single for long!