How GOCHAT Stories Can Help the Influencer in You

How GOCHAT Stories Can Help the Influencer in You

How GOCHAT Stories Can Help the Influencer in You

Influencers are the new celebrities on the block. An endorsement from them doesn’t just sell sneakers or some clothes, they can sell anything you tell them to. This includes anything from a delivery service to a shaving kit, etc. In fact, a single post from an influencer can fetch thousands of dollars.

However, to do that, you need to accrue a lot of followers. Only then can you technically be called an influencer. For that you need to post regularly and follow a decided schedule and engage with your audience. This requires you to post stories, videos, pictures, etc.

Luckily, GOCHAT for influencers has all the features that you’ll need to effortlessly engage with your followers.

GOCHAT Allows to Post Pictures

The one thing that you need to do to become an influencer is to post regularly. If the regular engagement dies then everything else does too. Influencers tend to engage with their followers on a regular basis with different pictures and posts that show off what they’re currently doing. The pictures can even promote products they’re endorsing.

Influencers tend to endorse products in pictures in non-traditional ways. They may be sunbathing or striking a strange pose. It’s all about staying on brand for them. Hence, if they’re going to all that trouble, they may as well engage with a social media app that makes posting easy.

With GOCHAT you can do all that in a jiffy. The intuitive controls and UI will help you post any picture with any caption that you want. Remember that this is something that you need to do fast and in the moment. Slots of engagement are hard to come by since there are so many influencers out there. So, GOCHAT is great for posting pictures. Just tap a few buttons and watch the likes go up.

Record Great Video to Engage Your Followers in an Instant

If there’s anything more engaging than pictures, its videos. Influencers post videos all the time to engage with their followers. These can be very short videos in which they’re talking about their day, or endorsing a product. At times, these videos are so minimalist that there are no words involved at all.

With GOCHAT, you can access the camera in your smartphone from within the app. You can start taking videos in an instant and capture the most priceless moments. Not only that, but you can customize the videos with different filters and captions so that you stay on brand.

You can also post highly produced videos on your GOCHAT to up the game. If you’ve worked really hard on a video, GOCHAT will ensure that it begins playing as soon as followers scroll by. That way, there will be very little chance that your followers miss any critical updates like endorsements or sponsorships.

Customize Your Stories with GOCHAT

Stories have popped up in the last few years as a great tool engage with followers. Influencers use them all the time to post the newest updates and daily videos. Even if it’s a small thing like their morning jog or a meal; they post it on stories. They’re great for content that tends to be in the moment and has fleeting value.

However, that can be great to promote offers that are available for a limited time. For example, influencers can promote discounts that are valid for 24 hours or for a few days at the most. They can also post about a product that you can win through a contest or a giveaway via a sponsorship.

Stories can help to deliver these long messages through a very small message. You can customize your stories through filters and badges and emojis to stay on brand as well. GOCHAT has all these features and more so that your stories can be as interactive and as brand-centric as possible.

Customize Your Posts for Maximum Engagement

Not only do influencers need to post regularly, but they also need to post with the right hashtags (#) and shout-outs. Shouting out a fellow creator or a fellow sponsor is extremely important when promoting a product or a service. With GOCHAT you will be able to do that without any sort of hindrance.

Customization options are aplenty in the app and you’ll need to just tap a few buttons to get started. You can customize not just with text, but with tags and decorative elements too. For instance, you can customize your stories, your posts, your videos, etc. with all sorts of filters and badges. Even if you put engagement to one side, you’ll be able to reach more followers with this customization. It’ll make your post more searchable and more recommendable.

Filter Your Followers and Friends

The great thing about GOCHAT is that it allows you to filter your followers and friends with the same account. GOCHAT doesn’t leave you to make different accounts to engage with your followers as well as your close friends. It allows you to select different users as Friends or Fans. You can share private moments with your friends and on your friends’ feeds without disturbing follower engagement.

You can also do the same with your stories and videos. Hence, you can keep your influencer and private world separate so that you enjoy the best of both.

Engage with Sponsors through Instant Messaging

For influencers GOCHAT isn’t just a tool of empowerment, it’s a tool for engagement. You can use the instant messaging feature in the app to engage with sponsors or companies that want you to promote their products.

With GOCHAT, you can converge all your social media needs, not just for socializing, but for influencing. Get GOCHAT now for the complete social media experience.