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What is GOCHAT?

Join the growing community of people meeting online. GOCHAT is the complete brand-new social network that is free, powerful, fast, private, secure and easy to use. All your stories and life moments in one place. Meet people, make friends, find love, and discover, watch, share stories and videos.

Is GOCHAT available in all countries?

GOCHAT is available worldwide. GOCHAT is accessible through data network and Wi-Fi, so you can connect with anyone around the world.

Does GOCHAT cost money?

GOCHAT is free to download! All the main features are free to use.

Should you exceed your data usage from the app, you may incur additional charges from your network provider.

We encourage all our users to connect to Wi-Fi when available.

What can I do on GOCHAT?

In GOCHAT, you can easily stay in touch with your family and friends through chats and text messages, videos, pictures, and audio media. You can also discover and meet people, make friends, and find love through location-based services.

Which mobile platforms does GOCHAT support?

You can download and install GOCHAT on the following mobile platforms:

  • IOS 12+
  • Android 9+

How do I download GOCHAT?

You can download GOCHAT by visiting www.gochat.com, then selecting your device’s platform for proper installation:

  • Get it on Google Play
  • Download on the Apple App Store

You can also download the app from your device’s official app store.

How do I sign up for GOCHAT?

When you download and open GOCHAT app, follow the onboarding screens to install GOCHAT with your mobile number and SMS verification code.

Can I register multiple accounts with one phone number?

Currently each phone number is only allowed to sign up for one GOCHAT account.

Everything you need to know so you can use GOCHAT like a pro

Find your friends

Search and add friends directly via GOCHAT, mobile number or invite through SMS or Facebook.

Friends – V – Fans

Select your friendship as a Friend or Fan and feel free to share your private moments with your friends in Friends’ Feed or share your stories and posts with fans and public in Discovery.

Dating and Friendship

Meet people, Make friends and WHY NOT Find Love on GOCHAT.

Posting Privately in FRIENDS’ FEED

In Friends’ Feed you can share your life’s favorite experiences and stories using photos or videos, audio media with your friends in a private and AD FREE timeline.

Posting Worldwide in DISCOVERY

In Discovery you can share your life’s favorite experiences and stories using photos or videos, audio media with the whole world.

Chat with Family and Friends

Start a free chat to CONNECT with Family and Friends anywhere or anytime and send messages or share photos, videos and stories. If typing is too slow, just send a voice message, video message or alternatively send animated emojis, stickers or gifs to express your feelings.

Group Chats

Start a free group conversation with many people located anywhere in the world for meetings, discussions, parties, and other common interests.


Start a free group listing and make announcements to any of your contacts or customers.

Entertaining Chat Features

New chat features found in GOCHAT….

  • ANIMATED Emojis and AWESOME Stickers.
  • NO need to delete a message – just EDIT MESSAGE.
  • On holidays? Try our AUTO REPLY.
  • Tired of text comments? Send a VOICE COMMENT instead.

All about your profile and account settings

Your Profile

Within your Profile you can view your timeline, view your favourite posts and likes. If you are looking for love or friendship you can also view your matches here.

Invite Your Contacts From Phone or Social Network

You can invite your phone or Facebook contacts by email or SMS. View and manage all your friend and fan requests sent and received.

Account Settings

Within your account settings you can adjust and edit your profile icon and username, activate or deactivate notifications, change your account mobile number, delete your account, control your global chat settings (eg. activate/deactivate, read receipts, typing bubbles, auto reply, mute chat, change chat wallpaper, save images/videos to camera roll. You can archive, clear, or delete all chats. View draft messages).

Dating Settings

If you are looking for Love or Friendship, you can set different criteria to make friends or find love. You can seek different types of relationships such as Casual or Dating, Friendship, Love or Soulmate. You can search in any city or country FOR FREE.

Data and Storage Settings

Use mobile data or connect to Wi-Fi to control how your photos, videos, audios and documents are downloaded in your phone.

Learn how to stay safe by managing your privacy setting

Your Profile

Within your Privacy settings you can adjust your information to be private (only for you), only viewable by your Friends or Fans or the Public.

Following and Unfollowing

You can control your follow requests one by one or automatically allow requests as a Friend or Fan.

Visibility of Likes

Control who sees the likes in your posts. Keep your likes private (only for you) or allow likes in your posts to be viewable by your Friends or Fans or the Public.

Blocking and Muting

You can mute individual users or group chats indefinitely. You can block and/or report as spam any contact – blocked contacts will be no longer able to send messages. This contact can be unblocked from the blocked list.

Understand the GOCHAT rules and policies

Understand the GOCHAT rules and policies