GOCHAT is the Social Media Revolution You’ve Been Waiting For!

Don’t Just Chat, GOCHAT!

Don’t Just Chat, GOCHAT!

Doesn’t it feel like there are a thousand social media networks vying for your attention today? To keep up with everyone, you have to be on every single one. There’s one for your casual scrolling, one for your friends, one for dating, and one for your business profile. That doesn’t even cover the other chat apps that you have installed on your phone. Overall, social media has become a responsibility rather than a pastime. Well, no longer. With GOCHAT, that’s all about to change.

What if there was one super app that could do everything that all the other apps could and more? What if you could install that app on your phone and just let it do the work for you? Well GOCHAT is the answer you’ve been looking for.

GOCHAT is for the Individual

Social media is first and foremost for the individual. You want to be able to keep up with your friends and family, and share photos and videos. You also want to keep them up to date with stories and messages. At GOCHAT, all of that is taken care of.

Share Your Life with Your Friends

GOCHAT has all the tools you need to share your life with your friends and family. You can post all the photos you want with all the filters you want. You can also post stories online to show what you’re doing that day and capture priceless moments. You can also engage with your friends and family’s posts and show your love with shares and likes.

Also, you can tag all the friends and family members that you are sharing your life with. You can make a memory that lasts forever that you can look up any time.

Chat with Anyone Around the World

It wouldn’t be GOCHAT without a great chat interface. Our clean chat room allows you to talk to anyone on the platform around the world. Not only that, but you can use the custom GIFs and animated emojis that are exclusive to our platform.

We haven’t forgotten audio either. With our instant messaging platform, you can send audio clips to your friends. That way, if you’re too lazy to type, you can just send a quick message that doesn’t require much context or effort. You can do the same with a video message since the video recording option is always just a tap away.

We also have a broadcast messaging option which allows you to share important announcements. These could include your wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary, or a celebration that is purely professional. We have all that and more on GOCHAT!

Scroll Through an AD FREE Timeline

One of the best elements of GOCHAT is the Ad Free timeline for your friends’ feed. All of us are tired of installing ad blockers that work only some of the time. At times, we don’t want any of the clutter of ads and just want to scroll through our friends’ posts. With GOCHAT, you can count on always having an ad free experience when experiencing the golden moments in your friendships.

Meet New People, Who Knows what could Happen?

Not only is GOCHAT for connecting with people you already know, it’s also for meeting new people. Strike up a conversation with someone that shares your interests. Our recommendations keep matching you with people that you may love to meet.

Also, GOCHAT is also a great place for you to ask someone out on a date. Why not? You’re already meeting so many people that you share interests and ideas with; it stands to reason you can mingle! At GOCHAT we encourage healthy conversations, great relationships and deep connections.

GOCHAT is for the Influencer

GOCHAT is not only for the individual that wants to meet people. It is also a great tool to build your own brand as an influencer. Today, everyone is trying to build their brand and they do so by establishing different social media accounts or profiles. How else will they differentiate between their friends and fans? Well GOCHAT has the solution.

On GOCHAT, you can select your friendship as a Friend or Fan. This way, you can share your private moments with your friends and with your friends’ feed. You can also do the same with your stories and posts. Hence, you can keep your influencer and private world separate and enjoy the best of both.

GOCHAT is for the Businessperson

Finally, GOCHAT doesn’t leave the businessperson behind. Whatever you need to sell your products or establish your online presence is here for the taking.

Want to establish a brand page for your business? GOCHAT has that. Want to send out specific messages to your followers about products and services? GOCHAT has that. Want to talk about specific offers and services that expire in 24 hours? Use GOCHAT stories. Want to start a group chat with your business partners and contact them around the world? GOCHAT has that too.

Also, there is an option to broadcast messages to all your followers for an immediate promo code, discount, or offer.

Get GOCHAT Today!

GOCHAT is available across the world as a free mobile app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is accessible through data networks or through WiFi. So you can connect with anyone in the world that is on the platform. The app is also free to download and is available on iOS 12 and over and Android 9 and over.

It’s the complete social media experience which can replace all your existing social media applications and accounts. Whether it’s messaging, stories, broadcasting, posting, liking, sharing, or dating; you can do it all here. Stop living the multiple social media accounts life. Go GOCHAT!

So what are you waiting for? Go for GOCHAT and start the social media revolution today!